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Organize RV Kitchen

                         Welcome to Organizing your RV Kitchen

If you are like me, I want to RV travel with every kitchen pot, pan, dish and bowl that I can think of! The only problem is ~ THE LACK OF SPACE to hold it all! While I can't make our RV kitchens any larger or add additional cabinet space, I will share some useful tips of organizing your RV kitchen that works. 

           RV Shelf Solutions

To use every inch of the kitchen cabinet space, learn to stack it!  I purchased these inexpensive stackable shelving units at Walmart. 

Stackable shelving units come in various sizes and styles. Perfect for the RV kitchen cabinets that are typically, very deep. Before you go shopping, measure each cabinet. To get every inch of space, you will need both the depth and width size of each cabinet you want to organize. 

Think about stacking some and using others side by side. To prevent the pots, pans and dishes from sliding, I stapled a shelf liner to each unit. 

I purchased several sizes and styles until I could arrange each cabinet like I wanted it! Organized and FULL! 

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     Organize the Pantry

I am blessed to have a five drawer pantry in my RV kitchen and I am finding that I still run out of space.

Over the years I came to realize that you don't need to RV travel with the entire box or bag of flour, sugar, corn meal or whatever.  Save pantry space and get organized with containers. I purchased several containers in different sizes that I use throughout the RV for all kinds of purposes. 

In a pantry or cabinet, containers can be stacked too!

    The Kitchen Sink Space

If your RV is anything like mine, the space under the kitchen sink is the most utilized and the smallest.  I have to work around 2 deep sinks and a garbage disposal that we rarely use! I have learned to stack and squeeze out every inch that I can! 

I purchased several sizes and styles of plastic and wire baskets to keep pads, scrubbers and gloves and anthing else that I need to. To keep it all organized, I added a stackable shelf, too.   

      RV Kitchen Drawers

I have found that there is never enough space for everything you need to put in the RV kitchen drawers! To organize my RV drawers, I started setting up compartments within the drawer. 

My RV drawers are so small, this was the only solution I could come up with! 

       Storing and Organizing 

I use baskets for storing everything from produce to seasoning packets.

In the bathroom, first aid kits, medications  and essentials.


             Food Storage

If meal planning, food, spice choices and storage is challenging for you, on your next RV trip, save and simplify.

Plan your RV trip meals with The Gourmet Mix Shop! Making camping and RVing meals easier since 1996. Over 200 easy meal and mix choices. Breads, dips, soups, sides, desserts, spices, seasonings and rubs too. Most mixes and meal choices, just add one or two ingredients. Some ~ just add water! Simple and delicious.

All mixes are small packages so that they can easily store in an RV kitchen space.  Shipped fresh to your door with NO MSG or preservatives. Save yourself time, money and the frustration of meal planning  ~ We've got you covered!

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